You Trusted Me Before, You Can Trust Me Again.
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Who Is Albert H. Wilcox Jr?

Raised in a family where Albert H. Wilcox Jr. was taught at an early age to use education and leadership to serve others.  Through education and public service, Albert has devoted his life to serving our community.

Currently a teacher for Duval County Schools, Albert served on many capacities:

• Social Studies Department Chair
• 6th and 7th grade Team Lead
• Student Activities Director

Albert has earned Teacher of the Year honors at Mattie V. Rutherford School 2017-2018.

In 2000, Albert ran a successful campaign in being elected to the Soil and Water Conservation Board and was quickly recognized by his colleagues for his leadership and was appointed Chairman of both the Personnel and Technology Committees. Prior to his election Albert served as Legislative Assistant to State Senator Betty Holzedorf and an office assistant to Congresswoman Corrine Brown.

Albert believes in building a community that works for all of us by betting on the limitless potential of our children, seniors, families, workers, businesses, and neighborhoods especially those who have historically been left out of the opportunities our city has to offer.

Jacksonville's disparities in education, employment, and income are a direct result of decades of choices that too often ignored, undermined and sabotaged communities of color and lower income neighbors. 

District 8 needs a Councilman with the vision for our community.  We need a Councilman who can walk in each precinct and in each neighborhood in District 8 and see their promise and opportunity where others see only problems to fix.  We need a Councilman who understands the beauty of our community and acknowledges our scars.  To build a community that works for all of us, we need to join together to create real change.

As Councilman, Albert will use every tool in City Hall to push for:

  • stronger sustainable neighborhoods
  • implementing innovative community policing programs
  • protecting our children and seniors

Changing Jacksonville's course means re-imaging the role of government not just to spend money, balance budgets, or give out parking tickets, but to make a difference in people lives.




2215 Holcroft Drive
Jacksonville, Florida 32208


(904) 881-9037


You Trusted Me Before, You Can Trust Me Again.



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